New and Improved Drain Plug

//New and Improved Drain Plug

New and Improved Drain Plug

By Mark Jachniewicz

Winter is coming and it’s about time to drain the plumbing in various summer homes.Photo

I’ve found the threaded drain plugs on ball valves are always a pain to get off. Those who have dropped one know that it is difficult to find once it has inevitably rolled into oblivion. Fed up with the hassle, I finally broke down and came up with a simple solution by soldering a looped piece of copper wire (No. 12) on the cap.

The loop of wire now makes it easy to tighten or untighten with arthritic fingers. If you make a hook on the pipe with the same wire, you can hang the cap right there and it won’t get lost.

Photo Photo


I used silver solder and a Weller soldering gun. Make sure you remove the rubber plug before starting this!





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