Machinist’s Workshop – the Metalworker’s Magazine

Machinist’s Workshop is the sister publication of The Home Shop Machinist. While both titles are directed to the metalworking hobbyist, there are a few things that set Machinist’s Workshop apart.

First, the projects included tend to be shorter and somewhat less involved than what is found in its sister publication. There will still be plenty to challenge you, but you won’t find long, involved projects that take multiple issues to run and months to build.

Another distinction is that beyond machining, Machinist’s Workshop features articles on other types of metalworking, such as foundry, welding and fabrication. If these processes are a part of your home shop, this is the magazine for you.

Finally, Machinist’s Workshop is the only place you will find gunsmithing articles, including Steve Acker’s long running column, “The Gunsmith Machinist.”

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